Not eligible for return

If during the check our technician judges that the product you have returned is not suitable, we will not be able to accept it and we will be forced to return it to you.

You can decide to place a new order, in which case we will ship the product not eligible for return for free together with your new order.

If, on the other hand, you decide not to place a new order then we will ship your product not eligible for return, in this case the shipping costs and any customs duties will be entirely at your expense. 

A product can be deemed unsuitable for return for two reasons:


the return was made more than 30 days from receipt of the goods


the product is damaged, with signs of wear


3 Always send a warning email. Where possible, but not mandatory, add motivation via

Timing for reimbursement

The refund procedure will start immediately when the returned goods have been checked and we have ascertained that the return is suitable.

The timing of the refund varies according to the method used:

4-5 days if we refund to a PayPal account
10 days if we reimburse to a credit card or bank account by bank transfer